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In this segment of TheLogician.net you will find The Thematic Compilations (described below), and a number of more or less isolated essays on various philosophical and other subjects.

Not all my past or current other writings are here, of course. Many require some editing, and will be added on eventually. A great many are handwritten, and will need to be typed up before they can be added on. Some writings are parked here only temporarily.

Thank you for your interest – do return here occasionally and check things out. Avi Sion.

The Thematic Compilations

Now available through The Logician Bookshops are four ‘thematic compilations’. These handy paperback books bring together essays relevant to their title topic drawn from all of Avi Sion’s past works.

1_lotThe Laws of Thought is an exploration of the deductive and inductive foundations of rational thought. The author here clarifies and defends Aristotle’s Three Laws of Thought, called the Laws of Identity, Non-contradiction and Exclusion of the Middle – and introduces two more, which are implicit in and crucial to them: the Fourth Law of Thought, called the Principle of Induction, and the Fifth Law of Thought, called the Principle of Deduction.(A5, 244p,$15)

1_selfThe Self is an inquiry into the concepts of self, soul, person, ego, consciousness,psycheand mind – rangingover phenomenology, logic, epistemology, ontology, psychology, spirituality, meditation, ethics and metaphysics.(A5, 242p,$15)

1_ethics Ethics is a collection of thoughts on the method, form and content of Ethics.

(A5, 454p, $25)

1_theoTheology is about God and Creation, or more precisely perhaps about our ideas of them, how they are formed and somewhat justified, although it is stressed that they can be neither proved nor disproved.

(A5, 174p, $10)

You will find a listing of these books’ contents in the present module, together with approximate links to their sources in earlier works.

All the books posted in The Logician Website are now on sale as quality hardbacks, paperbacks or eBooks in various outlets.

In the CreateSpace store , paperbacks, and in the Kindle store, the corresponding .mobi e-books. Or just go to Amazon.com, where there’s often a discount.

In Lulu.com store, hardbacks (for the six largest books), as well as paperbacks and .epub e-books.

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