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A Thematic Compilation

The Thematic Compilations are collections of essays on a specified topic drawn from Avi Sion’s past works.


Theology is about God and Creation, or more precisely perhaps about our ideas of them, how they are formed and somewhat justified, although it is stressed that they can be neither proved nor disproved. This book is a thematic compilation drawn from past works by the author over a period of thirteen years. (Second edition, 2014.)


Theology is now available online at: avisiontheology.bravesites.com


Chapter OneLogical Aspects of Faith

Drawn from Judaic Logic (1995), chapter 2 (section 4 – part) & chapter 14 (sections 1-2); and addenda 10 & 11.

1. Logic and mysticism

2. On natural proofs of religion

3. Theodicy and the Believer’s Wager

4. Proof of God by analogy?

5. Disproofs of God?

Chapter Two Nagarjuna on God and Creation

Drawn from Buddhist Illogic (2002), chapter 10.

1. Nagarjuna’s main arguments

2. Other issues raised

3. Buddhism and Theism

Chapter Three Theology Without Prejudice

Drawn from Phenomenology (2003), chapter 9.

1. Applying logical standards to theology

2. Conceiving the Divine attributes

3. Analyzing omniscience and omnipotence

4. Harmonizing Justice and Mercy

5. The formlessness of God

Chapter Four Causation, Volition and God

Drawn from Volition and Allied Causal Concepts (2004), chapter 1 (section 1), chapter 2 (sections 1-4), chapter 15 (section 2 – part & section 3).

1. Causation and volition

2. Necessity and inertia in causation

3. Direct and indirect volition

4. Matter-mind and spirit

5. Conceiving Divine volition

6. Spiritual Darwinism

7. Theological perspectives

Chapter Five Philosophy and Religion

Drawn from Ruminations (2005), chapter 2 (section 19).

1. Two distinct endeavors

2. Many people make claims

3. How to decide?

4. A word on Buddhism

5. Evaluating claims

6. Acknowledging science

Chapter Six Meditations

Drawn from Meditations (2006), chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 8 & chapter 33.

1. Interpretations of meditation

2. The coexistence of the One and the many

3. The individual self in Monism

4. Already there

Chapter Seven The Ideas of God and Creation

Drawn from Logical and Spiritual Reflections (2008), Zen Judaism, chapter 1.

1. The idea of God

2. The idea of creation

3. Two acts of faith

Chapter Eight – Sundry Reflections on the Soul and God

Drawn from Volition and Allied Causal Concepts (2004), chapter 16 (section 3)


1. About the soul

2. About God

3. Theology